Failed Date’s Anatomy : 5 Most Obvious Mistakes To Take Care Off

Failed Date’s Anatomy

When you are lonely, you dream about dating. But together with the dreams about dating comes the nightmares about date fails. The last thing that you want is sitting on your own after the failed date and thinking what had gone wrong.

Well, a failed date is a sickness, and it has its triggers, and no matter how often they’ve been published, it seems like it is extremely hard for men to avoid them.

So, if you don’t want your case to appear on the list of top funny dating fails or on the top 10 biggest dating fails, you should learn the most common mistakes on the first date and try to avoid them by any cost. So, let’s evaluate them without further ado.

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1. Not Offering to Pay for the Dinner

You see how dating traditions have changed? Nobody forces you to pay for the dinner, all you need is to offer to pay for it. You don’t have to insist, maybe she is really more comfortable with going Dutch on the first date, but you still have to pay.


Failed Date Anatomy

Still, millions of men all over the world continue making this simple mistake. Now, think, she may be testing you when she says “I would like to pay for the dinner” or “You won’t mind going Dutch?”. And you know why millions of men didn’t have the second date? Because they said that they had no problems with that. The right answer is “Actually, I was going to pay if you don’t mind”, and then your actions must unfold on her reaction.

2. Letting Her Know How Amazing You Are

The most common mistake that men make on the first date is talking a lot about themselves. Of course, it is the first date where you need to present yourself. But your presentation should be brief and concentrate on the most important personal aspects. It basically works like a trailer for the movie. You need to get her interested.

It is unlikely that she would go on the second date if you tell her everything about yourself on the first one, as who on earth would bother going to the cinema if instead of a trailer he or she was shown the whole movie? Trailers that give away too much make the movie itself boring.

Same with the dates – give her too much on the first date, she won’t come for the second one.

3. Complaining About Exes

“Oh, hello! Look, I want to settle everything straight, my former boyfriend was a real d*ck. Also, he was a terrible movie geek, and it felt like movies were more important than me so I won’t date a movie geek ever again!”.

It is offensive to you because she referred to another man as “d*ck”. It is even more offensive to you, as you may be a movie geek too. Not that nice, right? Well, mind that if you start complaining about your exes, it may be quite offensive to her too. Moreover, talking negatively about your exes destroys your masculinity in your date-mate’s eyes. So, it is better to avoid this topic.

4. Talking About Irrelevant Things

Of course, your life is very interesting, and you have great friends. Definitely, your life and your friendship deserve to become the basis for some best-selling novel or an award-winning documentary. And you are definitely full of stories that you would like to tell her.

It may sound strange and even humiliating, but most of your stories or stories about your friends are absolutely irrelevant on your first date. Your friends are not there, so forget telling her about them.

“But, wait a second, I’m there too!”, sure you are, but then we are going back to the second point of the most common date fails. There are two of you, thus you should abandon the role of Ernest Hemingway on the promotional tour.

5. Missing That Special Moment

For the most of the men, it is difficult to read a woman, but you should try it, at least on the first date. She may be hitting her romantic peak on the date, and that is the moment when you should talk some romantic nonsense or kiss her. What most of the men do? “Oh, by the way, I have one interesting story about something like that…”

Congratulations! You’ve missed that special moment, and now she is most likely wondering “What on earth I am doing on this date?”. So, concentrate on her, rather than on yourself.

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