List of Happy New Year Resolutions 2017 For Students, Adults

List of Happy New Year Resolutions 2017 For Students and Adults

Hey friends, hope you are doing extremely well in your life. If not! Today, I bought something that you must be wondering off from some time. Yes, as well all know 2016 is going to end in this week. And now not even more than 70 hours left for 2017. This is the time when you take Happy new year resolutions. Whether you are a student in school, college etc or an Adult, new year resolution is something we must take in order to decide the future.

However, there is no guarantee you will fulfill it or not! It totally depends on you. But still, I know you will be talking big resolutions for 2017. These are some of the things you plan in advance for the coming year. Students and adult both takes different New Year Resolutions every year and decide to work upon the same in the upcoming year.

What’s yours? (Confused?) !!

Don’t worry, today I am sharing the list of New Year Resolutions of 2017 which you should at least read and then decide and work on yours. Although, the Happy New Year resolutions may vary with person to person and the type of work they do. enjoy the list.

List of Happy New Year Resolutions 2017 for Students :

As I told, Happy New Year Resolutions may differ person to person. In this, I am sharing the best list of New Year Resolutions for students. The list will help all the students whether they are in School or in College to take their resolutions more specifically.

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Best Happy New Year 2017 Resolutions

New Year Resolutions 2017

Best Happy New Year Resolutions 2017 For Students

  • Get a Six Pack – If you are a health freak this must be your first resolution for 2017.
  • Stop Eating Fast Food – This resolution, I know you take every year but still can’t control. For 2017, make a list of fast foods you don’t wanna eat because it affects your health.
  • Give More Time to Studies – Study is the essential part of life. Giving more time to studies will shape your future accordingly.
  • Quit Farting in Public Place – You must be thinking that it’s a funny resolution of 2017. But for some its a serious issue.
  • Get More Sleep – Sleeping is as much important as the studies and Oxygen in one’s life. Human is not a machine that can work 24 hours without rest. This body requires proper time to rest to charge up for next.
  • Regular Exercise – No need to explain the advantages of regular exercise. You are intelligent enough!
  • Spend Less Time on Facebook/Twitter – Although social networking is a part of life but it should be in limits.

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Dear students,
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List of Happy New Year Resolutions 2017 For Adults :

If you are an Adult, I know you must be having a shortage of time due to various ‘XYZ’¬†reasons. But as an Adult, you will also take many New Year Resolutions 2017. Below is some of the best Happy New Year 2017 resolutions for Adults from which you can take help to decide yours.

Best Happy New Year Resolutions 2017 For Adults

  • Giving more time to Children¬†– Taking care of children is as much important as your work. nfact, this should be your first priority.
  • No/ Minimum Mobile Work at Home – Talking on mobile phones for long hours has many adverse effect on health. So try to limit the use of mobile. You can take a resolution to limit the use of mobile at office only.
  • Quit Smoking – Smoking is something which should stop right now! If you are a chain smoker, your life might be in a danger in near future. Take Step! Increase life span.
  • Promotion in Job – Your motive should be, “This year, I will not only do hard work but smart work too.”
  • Do Social Work – If you feel money is not affecting you anymore. You can always do social work or charity that people remembers you.
  • Join a Gym – This is the resolution that you take every year but it get fades as the year proceeds.

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These are some of the New Year Resolutions that you can take in 2017. Although there are much more. You can share your thoughts in the comment section below to the question:

What will be your New Year Resolutions for 2017 ?

Don’t forget to share this article so that your friend could also think something and decide their best 2017 New Year resolutions. Good Luck!

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