World No Tobacco Day 2017 Theme Best Quotes Slogans Poster Pics

World No Tobacco Day Theme 2017, Best Quotes, Slogans and Poster Pics For Facebook Whatsapp

It’s Anti Tobacco Day or No Tobacco day 2017. Here I am sharing World No Tobacco day theme 2017, latest quotes and new slogans. You’ll also get No Smoking Posters and images of the Anti-Tobacco day.

The World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) is celebrated every year on May 31st just to spread awareness about ‘Say No To Tobacco’, ‘It causes death’, ‘A slow poison’ and much more.

This is a worldwide observance to encourage abstinence from all forms of tobacco consumption around the globe for 1 day. Not only for one day. it means to say that ‘Leave Tobacco forever’. It also focusses on the ill effects and many health effects cause due to consuming Tobacco.

Let me tell you a study conducted by World Health Organization (WHO) that there are nearly 6 million deaths each year worldwide due to the consumption of Tobacco.

World No Tobacco Day 2017 quotes slogans posters

World No Tobacco Day 2017

On this day, people usually share No Tobacco day quotes, best slogans of World No Tobacco Day and No Smoking quote posters on Facebook and Whatsapp to increase awareness.

Various Health related issues are discussed on this day with the preventive measures. Children’s in schools are given the task of making posters of No Tobacco day.

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If you are also looking for Anti Tobacco slogans in English, No Smoking slogans in English or 2017 Anti smoking quotes, you landed at the right place. Here, I am sharing World No Tobacco day best quotes lines with 2017 theme.

World No Tobacco Day Theme 2017: Last 5 Years Theme :

There is a unique theme of World Anti Tobacco day for each year. Here are the last 5 year’s No Tobacco day themes:

World No Tobacco Day Theme 2017: Tobacco – A Threat to Development

  • 2016 World No Tobacco Day Theme: Get ready for plain packaging
  • World No Tobacco Day 2015 Theme: Stop illicit trade of tobacco products
  • No Tobacco Day 2014 Theme: Raise taxes on Tobacco
  • World No Tobacco Day Theme 2013: Ban tobacco advertising, promotion, and sponsorship
  • Anti-Tobacco Day Theme 2012: Tobacco industry interference

(WNTD) World No Tobacco Day 2017 Quotes and Best Anti Tobacco Slogans in English :

Below are some of the best World No Tobacco Day 2017 quotes. Just share these NoTobacco Day slogans on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter to aware your friends and family.

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Tobacco kills. If you’re killed, you’ve lost a very important part of your life. – Brooke Shield

Quoting like Tobacco is the dirty habit to which i am devoted. – Carolyn Heilbrun

The best way to stop smoking is to just stop – no ifs, ands or butts. – Edith Zittler

The True Face of Tobacco Is disease, death and horror- not the glamour and sophistication the pushers in the tobacco industry try to portray. – David Byrne

If we lose the battle against tobacco, we will lose the war against Cancer.

Disadvantages of smoking are many but those of quitting are none. Advantages of smoking are none but those of quitting are many. Only a fool would make the wrong choice here.

Tobacco companies kill their best customers.

The true face of Tobacco is Disease, Death, and Horror.

“Replacing the smoke on your face with a smile today will replace illness in your life with happiness tomorrow. Quit now.

Cigarettes are killers that travel in packs. – Mary S

World No Tobacco Day Posters 2017, No Smoking Images, Pics :

Here is the best collection of World No Tobacco Day images 2017, Posters or pics.

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Say No To Smoking pic

Say No To Smoking pic

Stop smoking poster

Stop smoking poster

No Tobacco Day 2017 pic

No Tobacco Day 2017 pic

This is all about World No Tobacco day 2017 quotes, slogans etc. Just share these collections on various social networking sites. Stay tuned with us for updates on No Tobacco day messages, sayings, essay and wallpapers.

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