Pro Buying Guide: Things to Look For in Choosing a Professional Violin

Purchasing a professional violin could be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. If you visit a physical shop or an online store, you’ll see lots of violins to choose from, which makes it even more challenging. However, you could avoid this anxiety if you know the things you need to consider right before you hit the store. To give you a handful of things to take note of, keep reading and save this as your pro buying guide.

Things to Look For in Choosing a Professional Violin

Before you go to a violin store, you might want to research your ideal instrument or at least consider the following:


There are lots of professional violin brands you’ll stumble upon when purchasing. The competition between these brands is so high that you’ll distinguish the famous ones from those on the lower spots. In choosing your brand, it is important to take note that the quality varies from company to company. The Stentor violins are totally different from that of Mendini, Cecilio, Fiddlerman, Hoffman, and D Z Strad.


Violin prices differ depending on the brand, quality, and material of the instrument. You’d see cheaper violins that come with not-so-famous names, and you’ll also encounter expensive ones in the market. The best thing to do is set your budget and don’t go too far with that once you are on the stage of deciding.

Durability and Lifespan

The lifespan of a violin depends on its material. Some are made of wood while some are just built with plastics. You might want to choose the ones built with wood for it is considerably durable than plastics. However, you need to know that a violin made of wood could be expensive.


A violin’s sound could depend on the quality of strings installed in it and its body shape. There are different types of strings, which are the gut, synthetic, and steel strings. The warm sound of the gut differs from that of synthetic and steel and you need to choose depending on the sound you want to produce. Likewise, the body shape of the violin also contributes to the sound because of the sound projection. 

Aside from the above considerations, there could be some reasons why you’re starting to look for a professional violin such as: 

  1. Transitioning from intermediate skills to professional

When choosing a professional violin, you need to consider your skills and level of play. There are violins meant for professional players, and that is totally different from intermediate violins. You need to choose the one that would enhance and speed up your playing skills as a professional and discard those that are still on the intermediate side. 

  1. Old professional violin is already worn out

Another main reason why you’re buying a new professional violin is that your old one already needs a replacement. It could be that your old professional violin already has visible damages, you would like to try a new violin brand, or due to its age, it doesn’t sound as good as it used to. 

Whatever your reason in buying a professional violin,  it is indeed important to list down some factors to guide you on choosing the best professional violin for you. 


Choosing a professional violin is not a joke, and you do not want a failed purchase this time. To place you on the right track, don’t forget to keep this pro buying guide in mind. Remember that a professional violin belongs to wise buyers like you!