The Music Creator from the Heart: Ciosmyc

Ciosmyc is a musician. He hails from the UK. He is 27 years old and is professionally a truck driver. From early childhood he loves music. Music is like his life. 

Although he never went to any kind of music school or have any education in music, he has a great passion for music. He makes music from his heart and from his mind. Electronic music is amongst the most effective genres for him. He makes his music in FL studio. He can function by experimentation rather effectively, and it did not take long to get to a point where he started making something that seems fairly great. Playing some piano may be valuable, however, not required, because he does all of his drum patterns as well as melodies by drawing notes of MIDI in a piano roll. He recognizes some ranges as well as chords that fit idiomatically. 

When he was young, someone told him that a good start would be to listen to a lot of music, this doesn’t only apply to electronic music. If you can hear it, then you can play it! 


  • He listened to his favorite songs/pieces, over and over again.
  • He learned the techniques used in those songs. What synths are being used, what software etc. He looked into interviews of his favorite artists and gain insight into their inspirations, techniques, and process.
  • He got acquainted with his tools. Messing around with the software. Trying to recreate some songs he likes, just like learning to cover a song.
  • Then he collected feedback from more experienced people. 

Therefore, the bottom line is without any previous training on the music he started creating his own music by just getting in there. He creates his music through his intuition and his listening skill. His main aim is to please people through his music. 

Note: If you want to listen to Ciosmyc music online and his talents, please visit Spotify.